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Glenn's Tree Felling covers every aspect of tree felling and is a professional tree cutting and felling company.

The company was established in 2001 and we are going from strength to strength.

We offer free quotations and service the Gauteng area, we also offer 24 hour service.

We specialise in large dangerous trees, stump removal, site clearing. Also site clearing for well known civil companies, developers and corporate.

Why Choose Glenn's Tree Felling?:

1. Our tree experts are fully insured and available to help you assess your safety, property and tree health concerns.

2. We are properly equipped to handle any situation from the smallest pruning to large commercial land clearing. Our skilled crew provides top quality work from initial cut to final cleanup.

3. Our commitment to total quality in customer service, risk management, offering the lowest possible price, advanced technology, and knowledgeable tree experts sets us apart from the competition.

Our Services


When it is required that the tree has to be removed, the majority of the time the tree will have to be sectionally dismantled. This involves the tree being climbed and taken down piece by piece in a safe way. This can be a technical operation and can involve rigging ropes to bring the tree down safely ensuring no damage to any structures.

Whether a simple, straight forward tree removal or complex removal requiring the use of rigging, Glenn's Tree Fellers are highly experienced and professionally equipped to remove your trees properly, efficiently and safely.


The process of cutting the tree near the base and using wedges or winch to fell it in one complete piece. Once the tree is laying on the ground it is cut into sections for removal.


This is the process of taking down medium to large sized trees one piece at a time. This involves using ropes to climb the tree, then if needed, the use of ropes to lower the branches to the ground.



The process of removing the top canopy of the tree. This can be for the purpose of gaining more light to a property or to reduce the size of a tree that is becoming a concern (ie. overhead cables).


The removal of the lower branches of the tree to lift the height of the crown.


The process of removing selected branches (usually dead, weak, overlapping and duplicated branches) from the crown of the tree to improve the balance and structure of the tree.


The removal of climbing plants that have become a nuisance, suffocating the object they are growing on causing a reduction in light to a property or damage to external brickwork..........................................................................................................................................................................................


The removal of green vegetation including trees and shrubs that are no longer wanted. All waste is removed from site.

We understand that every job is as unique as the land it occupies, and we recognize the importance of communication with our customers from the initial assessment of the property to the finished project.


The removal of a stump that is left after cutting a tree down. The stump is either ground down or totally removed.



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Graham Lucas

Doug has great teams and their work is very professional. His prices are very competitive and he makes sure that you are completely happy with the work and follows up with you.